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So I saw my friend’s IG story on Instagram where she posted plants she got from Groupon. I messaged her to ask if they are real plants and she said yes and also gave me the link. The next thing I know is that I now have them too. Groupon has this set of 4 indoor plants which is also on 9% off so I bought it for only £21.59 + £1.99 shipping. The shipping took exactly 7 days.

 Chamadorea Elegance 
 Areca Lutescens 
 Coffea Arabica
Banana Plant - Musa Oriental Dwarf

We have here:

1. Chamadorea Elegance

Chamadorea Elegance also known as Parlour Palm or Neathe Bela Palm is a species of small palm tree native. It is one of the most favourite indoor plants nowadays.

According to my research, this plant is easy to look after with excellent air purifying qualities. It does not require a lot of light, water, temperature, humidity, and feed.

 Chamadorea Elegance

I remember buying a Chamadorea Elegance in I think Tesco but unfortunately, it didn’t survive. So I’m hoping now that our house has more air ventilation as we have changed the setting of our living room this one will last long.

How to grow Chamadorea Elegance/ Parlour Palm?

Light: Indirect sunlight will encourage flowering.
Water: Water once the soil is dry.
Temperature: Minimum of 10 degrees in winter and at night. Above average household temperatures ( 18°C ).
Feed: Week solution every few weeks during growing season. Do not feed during winter.

2. Areca Lutescens

Areca Palm is best for air-purifying or indoor plants to clean the air and a natural humidifier that improves the air quality of your home. The botanical name for Areca Palm is Chrysalidocarpus lutescens and its common names are Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm and Golden Cane. It also adds a relaxing tropical feeling.

Areca Palm

How to grow Areca Palm?

Light: Tolerant of light and shade. Indirect light.
Water: Keep the soil moist at all times. Less water during the winter.
Temperature: Average household temperatures between 15-25 °C , not below 10°C The warmer the better.

3. Coffea Arabica

Coffee is one of the essentials in the morning for most people. Coffee Arabica is an evergreen shrub that has glossy, dark-green leaves with ruffled edges on willowy stems.

How to grow Coffea Arabica?

Light: Keep in bright light, shaded from direct sun.
Water: Keep soil thoroughly moist in spring and summer. Barely moist in fall and winter. Use tepid or lukewarm water.
Temperature: Average room temperature 18-24°C.

4. Banana Plant – Musa Oriental Dwarf

Banna Plants gives foliage as a house plant. The Dwarf range is best suited for indoors. This plant originates from South-East Asia and Australia, a tropical indoor plant with beautiful large leaves. However, this plant is also fragile, bruise and tears easily often snapping under their weight, however, generates new leaf which considered as its charm.

Banana Plant - Musa Oriental Dwarf

How to grow Banana Plant – Musa Oriental Dwarf ?

Light: Grow best in bright, indirect light. Tolerate partial shade.
Water: Water regularly, when the top of the soil has become slightly dry.
Temperature: Average to warm temperatures from 18-27°C but can cope with as low as 10°C.

From the 4 sets of indoor plants from Groupon, I particularly love the Banna Plant as it reminds me of our backyard back home in the Philippines as it also originates from South-East Asia. I also like Areca Lutescens because it is an air-purifying plant.

The only negative feedback I probably give to this is the way it was handled on delivery because when I opened the box the soils are all over, can happen but with a little care can be avoided.

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