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How to: Apps I use to edit my Youtube videos


There are a lot of apps out there that you can use to edit a video such as Final cut, Adobe Premiere, Kinemaster, iMovie, FilmoraGo, Power Director and more.

When editing I only use my mobile to edit and Power Director app. I have an Android phone which is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Pretty big screen to edit. Anyways, I use the Power Director because it is easy to use and navigate. The free version of it contains a watermark but of course, if you want to remove the watermark then you can pay for the pro version

This editor is also available on desktop.

Some of the features you can use on Power Director are:

  1. Video Effects
  2. Voice over
  3. Export directly to Youtube
  4. Voice effects
  5. Transitions
  6. Stabilisation
  7. Music background
  8. Multi-tracking editing

Most of the features listed above are free and can be used. But what I love about this app is that the fact that it allows Multi-tracking. This way you can arrange and edit your scenes on a timeline as well as add titles or captions.

This app is also good for photo collages and slideshow. The only downside I can think of on this mobile app other than the free version you’ll have a watermark added to your video, is that it doesn’t export a .mov file. When you take your video in an apple product or go pro you’ll need to convert the video to mp4 before your import it to Power Director.

For more info about this video please visit there website.

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