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Updated Night Skincare Routine

A great way to show love for yourself is by taking good care of your skin especially your face. In today’s post, I will be showing you my updated skincare routine.  DISCLAIMER: The products I mention on this post do works on my skin type but doesn’t always means that it works with everyone. The […]

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Daily Planner/Diary

Certainly, one habit that I want to implement for myself this year 2020 is the use daily planning or diary and start putting down some scheduled and planned plans I have so that I won’t forget them.  I am thinking of doing this in two ways:  1) to physically have a diary – so that […]

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Lifestyle | Plants

Plants| Mason Jar

I had always wanted to have plants in the house. In our previous house, we have a lot of plants such as money plants, oregano, orchids, and others. But since we moved to this house, where we are now those plants died one by one and I couldn’t grow one anymore. First, I thought maybe […]

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