Suffolk, United Kingdom


This post is about a 3 days getaway with my girls last October 2018. You see,  I’m only posting this now because I’ve only just started building my blog. 🙂 

This short was a caravan-type holiday. We stayed in a caravan park which was near the beach.  

We did quite a lot on this trip. We explored around the site and walked by the beach. I aslo vlogged on the whole trip, but I don’t think the vlog gave any justice to how this trip was because the videos I took on our fist and second days were overridden by the  videos  on our third day. So my vlog therefore was mainly based on the third day (which was our last day lol).

We also went to “Baylham Darm” before heading back home to London because one of the girls really wanted to visit this farm. 

I love these two images……. <3 I find it funny. 

Credit to Benyn for the pictures which I have taken from her Instagram story. 

Watch here!

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