Daily Planner/Diary


Certainly, one habit that I want to implement for myself this year 2020 is the use daily planning or diary and start putting down some scheduled and planned plans I have so that I won’t forget them. 

I am thinking of doing this in two ways: 

1) to physically have a diary – so that I can add more details, images, and bullet points.

2) in my calendar on my phone – to remind me in case I forgot to check my diary so that I won’t completely forget the plans that I put in.

Daily Planner/Diary

Some may think it is a “waste of time” and “old fashion”  I actually see it as a very useful habit. As I don’t have many appointments anyway and don’t go out often. Writing in my diary would be the best exercise for me to start with the habit of taking down whatever plans or appointments I have.

I believe that planners do help you stay on track with individual tasks you need to complete daily. It might be a house chores to complete or events to attend to.

Benefits of using a daily planner

  • efficient
  • gives you a break from technology
  • only requires a pen and diary itself
  • good for memory
  • time management
  • helps improve productivity
  • helps improve creativity
  • keeps tracks of activities, appointments, and notes.

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