I have bought a new instrument for myself – a Ukulele Soprano.

When I first saw the instrument I wasn’t too interested in it, and actually thought it would be the same as a guitar. I’ve been learning how to play guitar for quite a while now, and I know the basic chords already, as well as the basic strumming structure. But, when I’ve realised that playing the chords on the Ukulele is a lot easier than on the guitar, and noticed that it is much lighter to hold, I became instantly interested. So I decided to buy one for myself.

A ‘Martin Smith Soprano Ukulele‘.

Remembering basic chords is fairly easy to do as some of the chords only requires you to press 1 string. Hopefully, I will continue to learn and will eventually be able to play a song which I can post here on my  blog. 

I didn’t know there were different types of Ukulele. There are: Soprano, Concerts, Tenor and Baritone. When I first received my  Ukulele I was a bit shocked because it was small. I thought I got the kids size, so I quickly checked my order history on Amazon, but found out it was the right item I’ve ordered. The one my friend had was bigger than the one I got – that’s when I’ve learnt that there were 4 different kinds of standard Ukulele sizes. 

Nevertheless, I am still happy with my Ukulele Soprano because they are tuned in the standard tuning of G-C-E-A. 

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