Newark, New Jersey



Last December 2018, we had the opportunity to visit our family in New Jersey whom I haven’t met. We have visited my Aunt (Dad’s Sister) and her family, they’ve been inviting my parents to visit them but however my parents couldn’t due to personal reasons. And now we’ve finally did it.   

New York and New Jersey

We have strolled around the  New Jersey and New York in our first and second day. We were able to see The Statue of Liberty and the city that never sleep as they say. 

No wonder they called it the city that never sleeps as it is a very hectic place. It is full of people day and night. It was great to see New York at its finest.

We also have seen the beauty of Newark as my Aunt toured as us around.

To see more of the beauty of New York and Newark, watch my vlog of our day one and day two in New Jersey. 

Niagara Fall, New York and Canada side..

The following day, we visited the Niagara Falls State Park, New York and in day four of our trip we visited the Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada together with my cousin and his girlfriend, my brother & sister-in-law. 

Seeing the beauty of Niagara Fall on both side is amazing. From day time view to night time view is WOW!. For us to be able to see this great view we went up to the Skylon Tower observation deck. 

We also had the chance to go the behind tunnel of the Niagara Fall on the Canada side. 

Please watch my vlog (links are below) to see more of our trip to the Niagara Falls, New York and Canada side. and also to see more of what we did during our visits there.  

Day 3 – Niagara Falls State Park, New York 2K18!

Day 4 – Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Atlantic City, New Jesrsey

Day 5 and last day in New Jersey. We have spent our day touring around the Atlantic City of New Jersey. We spent our day shopping, eating and walking around the Boardwalk. 

Watch our last day vlog to see more of Atlantic City. 

Day 5 (Last Day) – Atlantic City, New Jersey

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