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I had always wanted to have plants in the house. In our previous house, we have a lot of plants such as money plants, oregano, orchids, and others. But since we moved to this house, where we are now those plants died one by one and I couldn’t grow one anymore. First, I thought maybe because of its winter season and they need sunlight to survive. Summer came and still, I have no plants. I get frustrated that I stop wanting plants although when I see one in the street or shops, I wanted to buy one but then my mind would say they’ll die. I even blamed our house for not having enough air ventilation for my plants to live.

One of my friend loves plants so much more than I do. When I saw their house full of plants in their living room. I was like WOW! I wish our living room is like that too, however, our house doesn’t have that enough space as it is an open plan kitchen and living room. Nevertheless, I still asked my friend to spare me some of her plants and she gladly gave me some and yet again they didn’t survive. I have placed them in our kitchen because we always open the door so that we will have fresh air inside the house. With this resolution, my plants still didn’t survive.

After 3 years of living in this house, I have decided to rearrange our living room. And with the plants I once again have from my friend I have placed them in a mason jar with just water and placed it where the sunray can see through. Some I have placed it in our window. Since then they grew and keep on growing. I find it very creative having plants in a mason jar, although I didn’t decorate my mason jar, the roots itself is enough decoration already.

One tip I’ve also learned from my friend is that when propagating a plant, place it in a jar with water first until roots start to come out and then transfer it to a pot with soil if desired or just leave it as it is just weekly change the water.

This plant here as it grew so much I have transferred to a pot with soil for it to grow even more.

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