Rainbow after the rain. 

It’s been raining for the last couple of weeks of September. As autumn is approaching it is becoming colder now as well. 

When it rains it pours, someone has said before that when its raining God is showering us of his blessings.

I particular don’t like rain because apart from getting wet when your outside, it also makes me feel sad and just wanted to lay down in my bed and listen to those slow and dramatic songs. The rain has this impact that makes you think of so many things. Like how I used to play in the rain when I was young and how simple life was then. But sometimes it is also good as it helps you reflect on your life, how you been living and how far you’ve come. 

The rain also reminds you that no matter how heavy, how difficult and confusing life is; there is still hope and life is still beautiful just like the rainbow that shows after the rain. Just like the rainbow is always there waiting to show up after that rain or heavy rain. It is the same with our God, He is always there to protect, guide and lead us in the right path during and after the rains of our lives. 

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