Wales, United Kingdom


Because it was our parent’s 39th wedding anniversary, we have decided to treat them by going to Wales. We drove all the way there from London for almost six hours, departing around 03:00 AM to avoid traffic on the way, taking a little stopovers in-betweens.. We have climbed the Snowdon Mountain

What we did in Wales?

Without any training, tools or equipment; we climbed the highest mountain in Wales; The snowdon mountain.

It took us almost 6 hours to reach to top of the mountain. Climbing up was tiring and scary but once your at the top you can see the beauty it posses, feeling a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment.

It was hard for sure, but we enjoyed every single step we took;  especially our parents. They thoroughly have enjoyed it.

A little fun facts: this was my very first experience climbing a high mountain from the bottom, as well as my first trekking experience in  the U.K

After our climb, our bodies (especially our legs!) were killing us…..

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